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    Quote Originally Posted by AircPirateNinsei View Post
    And here's the prototype of the Eazy Ducted fan:

    The AUW with a 3s 1000mAh battery is at 400g (14.11 oz).
    I used the HK 50mm Alloy EDF 4800kv (3s version) unit. It has the least thrust.

    When I have finished the plan, there will be an own thread in the Mad (Scratch) Builder's Corner!
    Oh my does that look great!!
    Enjoy a blessed day!

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    After looking closer at the plans I see how it goes together for the most part. I had the plans printed at the office store by my house. Will be building next week for sure. I'll post finished pictures here. I may have to modify in the future to do that sweet edf version tho. Looks nice. Thanks for the quick responses.
    If only...

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    The maiden flight of the Eazy Ducted Fan was successfully completed! More here!!

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