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    New FT YouTube episode days?

    For the past 3 years I have come to rely on FT releasing their episodes every Monday and Wednesday. They might miss here and there but usually stuck to their schedule. And then they added the vlogs and podcast. Vlogs on Tuesday and Friday and podcast on Thursday. Was awesome getting FT content every day of the week.

    I don't have Facebook and may have missed announcements, but I have noticed here for the past few months the vlogs are gone, the podcasts are hit and miss, and the episodes half the time come out a day late if at all.

    Now, before I get REAMED by everyone, I get it, they are busy. I get the added FliteFests, the Bixler purchase of a golf course to move FT too, and everything else they have their fingers in has got them busy. I get them being busy, but just haven't heard anything from them about nixing the vlogs or the episode releases. Are they changing their schedules?

    A couple suggestions to help with confusion and busy schedules. Add a news section to your website and post updates and news worthy stuff about FT and their crew there. Also, if your too busy to create new planes, come up with fresh episodes and what not, they should lean on the community a little more. What happened to the "community releases"? They added Sponz's plane and said they would do a lot more community releases but then never did. There are tons of original community created content that could be spotlighted in FT episodes.

    Anyway, enough of my rant. I'm addicted to FT and when I don't get my fix I get all hulk like. Lol
    If only...

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    I miss the vlogs myself. I have a feeling that too many people complained about them - why, I have no idea; I loved them - and now they're pushing half-vlog, half-challenge, half-review videos, which are also fun but do seem to have some irregularity to their format and release.

    More community releases would be awesome - though I suspect it'll be easier to scrub for that content once the Icefather's cold hand withdraws from our frigid lands and the people gingerly step forth from their caves, looking to the sky once more.

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    My guess would be since the fundraiser kicked off and was so successful they are already packing and gearing up to get moving on the new place as soon as possible. I am sure that will put at least a small dent in content production. Also it is still winter in the northern parts of the US. and I am sure like my areas they get their share of lake effect snows that have no rhyme or reason that just pop up and go SURPRISE!!! here have a foot or so of snow to brighten yer day making flying a tad more complicated.
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