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Thread: >XBIPE< Build

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    >XBIPE< Build

    By the way it flies great. Also "wing bottom Plane" Its Plain not Plane, my spelling needs work.

    CG- to back from LE bot. wing. Elevon static setup 2 to 3 up elevon from bot. wing plain. Elevons throws up and down.
    Tile print: Adobe Acrobat reader click on print icon click print click poster block set tile to 100% - check cut marks and tile all large pages. (hope it works)
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    Wow! Nice work!! Got pictures?
    Enjoy a blessed day!

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    Sorry not good at that, I'll leave to others. There is a pix on the Mad Scratch Builder under Xbipe not very good though. Wish I could offer video of its flight. All the flier at the field who flew it were quite suprized at how it tracked and performed. I like your signature.

    Take Care....
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