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    Thanks I'll play around with that. No help on paper size, sorry.

    winters CA.

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    So here is the maiden flight video from a friends gopro3 with case installed so sound is very muffled, went really well, was a pleasure to fly. I was a bit nervous as I'm a very novice 4ch flier

    And then part of the second flight he got on his phone but shut it off just before the tip stall!

    Here is the result of that tip stall from about 10-15' up.

    The repair took about 15min or so.

    And it worked because I just got back from a 15min flight on the 3S 2200mah and had 10.1v left. This now weighs right at 755g ready to fly. I'm very happy with these results. This last flight was with a decent wind so it was not as smooth as I told myself I was going to shoot for but came back in one piece and ready to fly again.

    Winters CA.
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    way to go
    gotta love a ft spitfire they fly great

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    Built another FT Spitfire. Thought I'd go with a race plane type of color scheme this time.
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    God bless you'se.

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    I had a tip stall followed by a cartwheel along the ground from about the same height as Rokcrin in my balsa-FB version of the FT spitfire.

    Only damage a small crease in one wing tip about 3 inches from the tip, broke one of the false ribs. It still flys and damage almost unnoticeable. I might fix it next time.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by laury415 View Post
    Built another FT Spitfire. Thought I'd go with a race plane type of color scheme this time.
    Wow! Looks excellent!

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    Okay, here is my spit, made from slightly different foam, as I can't buy $TF foam in Poland. It's not covered with paper, one side is smooth, other is covered with squares with cutting marks. I am using classic 9g tower pro servos, 2,2Ah 11,1v turnigy accu and GT22105/10 motor (my bro decided to buy it for me and he accidentaly bought 10 instead of 9 version, but it's more than enough) and 10x5 prop. I am very happy with the weight, it's about 550g with everything packed in. It's very stable and flies great. I am thinking about painting it and making a canopy ( I made one, but I'm not happy with it). 1:33 scale paper mustang for comparision
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