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    Don't give up too soon. It's good to have some sunglasses with good reflective surface, it helps a lot, you can even look straight on a sun with these on, and maybe a buzzer or something like that mounted to free channel.

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    I really fancy making one of these, but i'd like more aggressive flying characteristics rather than the almost glider type qualities of the standard build! I'm not after nerdic type speed just something a bit more slippery but without bad tip stalling.

    Has anyone tried building the current design with a reduced under chamber or thinner wing section?



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    Nickf, I was looking for the same characteristics as you and I did not have the patience for the speed wing bevels. So I used nerdnic's plans but built the wing as a regular fold over. This gave me the thinner and tapered wing profile with less undercamber. I also only used a singl layer of foam for the rudder and elevator by adjusting the cutouts. Flys great and feels more slippery than the regular FT. Also much easier to balance and place battery with nerdnic's hatch design.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Jpot1,

    That's useful to know. Is that the 1600mm nerdnic plan? So no tip stalls etc?

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    A guy stopped by our club field this weekend with a fancy DSLR camera fitted with a lens the size of a wine bottle.

    He took many spectacular pictures of our models.

    Here are a couple of my three year old photo recon Spitfire, PA-944. It's looking a little worse for the wear, but still flies like an absolute dream. Makes all the old guys in the club jealous. This year it will be attending its third Flite Fest!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    A while ago now I built a couple of the FT Spitfires using different techniques and covered one in plastic covering. The covering covered the wing tip undercamber and reduced the drag considerably. A little extra sp0eed was gained but the whole design was considerably lighter than the original and so it was not as fast in a vertical dive as the original versions. Maneuverability was of course far superior.

    If interested in the covering see the post about the Balsa Foamboard Spitfire:

    Have fun!

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    I am building my 4th spitfire now as they fly so well with just a few mods that I have to keep one in the fleet.

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