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  • flite test

    1 1.47%
  • flitetest

    16 23.53%
  • Flitetest

    6 8.82%
  • FliteTest

    19 27.94%
  • Flite Test

    17 25.00%
  • Flite test

    1 1.47%
  • FT

    2 2.94%
  • ft

    0 0%
  • Ft

    0 0%
  • Whichever...

    6 8.82%
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    Fly Angry PsyBorg's Avatar
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    I try to spell it using the English alphabet carefully choosing specific letters so as to not confuse any native English speaking peoples. I would use other alphabets from around the world but I would probably choose the wrong letters and with my bad luck would probably start the last world war or something spectacular on that scale. I have tried spelling with numbers but all that does is attract rude little gamer kiddies. I tried using pasta but for some reason someone keeps taking it. Elbow macaroni works perfectly but is kind of hard to make the straight letters correctly. I tried using axle grease once and that just fell on its face. I am going to try using recyclables now so at the very least I am repurposing things which a part of the mantra here and not to many people can argue with an effort to save a planet as well as speak about an awesome thing at the same time. Paint also works well as long as you do it somewhere someone who doesn't pay attention wont sit in it.

    Most of the time I just spell it the same way the people invented it do as it so much less of a hassle. Anyway that would be some of the ways I would spell Flite Test.
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    Flite Test Groupie BridgeInspector's Avatar
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    I did spell Flite Fest with glow sticks (from the dollar store).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Flight test
    Never annoy a dragon, you're crunchy and go good with tomato sauce.

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    Well, your browser's title bar should say "Flite Test" right now, the About Us page says "Flite Test", Google Trends shows that "flite test" is more common than "flitetest", the Facebook page and Twitter say "Flite Test" and the logo has the gremlin as spacer between the two words.

    So even when my programmers heart wants me to write FliteTest, the right spelling is Flite Test.

    The Terms of Use mention all variants though:, FliteTest, FLITE TEST, and other Company graphics,logos, designs, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names areregistered trademarks, trademarks or trade dress of Company in the U.S. and/orother countries
    Lauren uses a spelling that I don't agree with though : "Flite test"

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    Flight test
    Never annoy a dragon, you're crunchy and go good with tomato sauce.

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    "Practice makes perfect, or at least near to prefect."

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    Wow this forum sure does have a thread on everything!
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    Ultimate Cheap Skate Daniel Kezar's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnvicky View Post
    vote Flite Test
    i voted FliteTest. they are practically the same. that is he channel name after all... the results are about what i expected, anyways.
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