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    Old and Bold RC PILOT
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    Aug 2016
    Brisbane, Australia

    You get more requests than Santa Claus!

    Keep up the good work, (Never ending work by the look of this thread).

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    Jan 2017
    San Francisco Airport But across the freeway

    Lightbulb 315% Sparrow

    I'd like to build a 315.789473684% (to be exact) sparrow for FliteFest West 2017 and having plans would be great. BTW I have access to a giant printer. Planning to use for foam. Hopefully this will happen! Thanks in advance.

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    I know there are tons of requests here but I would like a plane which has not being build over and over here. I would build it at its original size but my foam sheets are not wide enough to build the wings using one piece. I believe 60% is the right size as my sheets are about 30cm wide.
    Thanks a lot


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    Do you have plans for 200% mustang?

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    Hello Nerdnic, first of all thank you for all your hard work making these awesome foamboard planes custom fit for the rest of us. I have been wanting to build a bushwacker for quite some time. I have come across a elfite sukhoi that is no longer in flying condition. I would like to use the electronics from it for the bushwacker. I noticed the eflite timer uses the same electronics and is similar in size to the FT storch. In short..... I'd like to build a storch sized bushwacker. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated. If there is an easy way to scale it up myself I would like to learn. That way I could build some of my other ideas for FT planes. So far I've built both of the F22's (one for a good buddy) and a storch for my father inlaw. Thanks again for taking your spare time to help the community!

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    Hi Nerdnic i would like to build the Mini Se5 flite test, but bigger.
    Fuselage about 60 cm long.
    How do I do to scale all plans?

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    Just a question about enlarging. I wanted to enlarge just the Super Bee wing to fit onto the Bloody Baron and make it a twin engine. If I measured right, there's a 4" difference between the two wings. What scale would I print the Super Bee plans to make that fit? I know I'd have to move holes and cuts around, but I just wanted to get the size correct first and go from there.

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    tancks for admission at your forum
    regards Antonio

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    Hey could you make plans for a 200% simple cub.

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    I want a 150% simple cub ( so I can make the wings out of 2 sheets of foam )

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