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Thread: "Bug" DLG

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    Quote Originally Posted by FAI-F1D View Post
    yeah, that's waaaay tailheavy. And I think the control throws are excessive too. But, it's still in one piece, and you flew it.
    "Flew" is going a bit to far lol.

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    Thats exactly what my first one did. Add some nose weight and reduce the throws waaay down

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    First try at a balsa DLG. 36" wing built from salvaged balsa no plans.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    hi newbie here

    hi there to you all what a great thread I am thinking of building a bug here in the southwest of the uk lol

    I have a couple of questions and a thought for the future lol

    1. I have downloaded the plans and files for the bug thanks for that but I was wondering how do I print them do I just print then as they appear in the pdf or do I need to scale then at all ?

    2. was thinking of using a spectrum brick rx and 2 servo is this a good idea or better to get proper servos and rx ?

    3. can I build this to hand launch as have back problems so cant do the discus launch ?

    4. had a though could I put a motor in the front of the bug ? was thinking this
    motor ap05-3000kv-brushless-micro-motor-5-4g
    and esc is a Oversky XP-7A ESC
    battery wise are 300mAh 1S lithium polymer with E-flite micro connector 3.7v
    props I have are GWS 5030 5x3

    was a thought as have these all spare from some microace planes I have and fly

    hope you guys can help as thinking of starting soon



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    The original Bug was a hand launch with the launching peg being horizontally placed just aft of the bulkhead that separates the battery/RX from the servos.

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    hi there

    hi there

    oh right ok that is cool so that is no prob then how about the plans do I print straight from the pdf ? and is my choose of electrics any good ? or even to add a motor lol



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    I haven't tried or even thought about adding a motor so I can't really help you there. Concerning the PDF's, that depends on your file. However, I suspect you can just print it at 100%. I got mine from Outerzone and they were 1:1 scale.

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    hi all

    oh right ok thanks for that will print a few off at 1:1 and go from there and also did download the on from Outerzone so see how it goes and maybe someone on here can give me there thoughts on the electrics and about putting a motor on it



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    Personally, I side with the "shes amazing without it", but if you're looking to put a motor on it, I wouldn't go with much more punch than what you'd find on a champ or vapor.

    The airframe can take it, but the balance and weight of a motor much bigger will probably leave her . . . unhappy. Champ guts, IMO, would be perfect.
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