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Thread: Kraken - BUILD

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    Here's a question for you 'experienced' Kraken builders and pilots; I was watching the Spear build and in there it was stated that the tape hinge system for the flaperons sometimes gave way on the Kraken because of the waterproof paper so on the Spear, Bixler developed a newer system for attachment. Just wondered if I could reduce the size of the existing flaperon by 1/2" during construction to take advantage of this new, better hinge system to avoid possible hinge/tape separation? OR, should I cut some 'new' flaperons with the extended width so they wil end up as planned?

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    I just started my Kraken scratch build. I was wondering about the motors used in many episodes.
    Does anyone know what motors were used in this videos? DT700, DT750, D4023? They look all the same...

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    Refreshed Kraken plans coming soon...
    -Dan Sponholz

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    What does refreshed mean? BTW i tried printing several plans to see how off they where and the Kraken plans was the only one that came out on scale. For the rest i will have to figure out how to print them in smaller size.

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