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Plane 3D FT SCOUT 1.0

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I do not take credit for the design. That is all Flitetest. All I did to it is change the vertical fin shape and gave it a big rudder, change the horizontal shape and gave it a bigger elevator, and extended the ailerons about an inch and a half to give it more aileron. It will run off a C-pack motor with a 3s 1300-2200. Other than the tail and aileron changes, none of the actual design has changed. You can also experiment with flaperon and spoileron mixes to get crazy maneuvers. I fly primarily 3D and since I like the lines of the scout, instead of just building a full new one, I just combined the two to get this combo. I have yet to build one and test but I have all the electronics and foam to build one. I just need time to and it is gonna happen. If you build one, let me know how it fly's. I imagine with the larger tail, it will be slightly tail heavy which you counteract with a larger motor, bigger battery, or somethin else like that. Enjoy!!

-Sam H
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