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3D Printed RC Aircraft Wall Hanger

Part 3D Printed RC Aircraft Wall Hanger V1

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3D Print Files (STL, G-code, etc.)
3D Printed Wall Hanger for RC Aircraft.

79mm x 44mm x 20mm Size to hold a wheel diameter of 35mm
3D Print settings
To print: 1h 31mins
Use Filerment: 7g
Print settings: Fine 0.1mm, Infill 15%, Supports Yes, Used PLA.

After seeing some designs on how to store your RC Aircraft, I come across the design where you can hang your model on the wall using the wheels to hookup and display it.

As I spent weeks in hospital with my Notebook Computer, I come up with this way to store my models.
If you like to use on smaller or lager wheels just rescale the STI file or if i get that many members asking i happy to redesign for a number of different sizes.


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