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Plane DTFB - Mini drak 2020-11-13

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)
Plans for my dollar tree foam board mini drak replica. Plans include both normal vertical stabilizers and a tail boom setup. If using the tail-boom, reinforce the boom arms with BBQ skewers.

-2x 12g servos (3 if using the tail-boom config)
2216 - 1100 to 1450kv motor (1100kv works fine with a 4s, I would not recommend 3s)
8x5 prop
Balances with a 4s - 2200mah or 3s - 3300mah battery all the way up front with my FPV camera and transmitter in the nose.
CG is 15mm from leading edge

Rough Instructions:
1) Wings can be built first. Straight length of spar sticks out of the wing and will eventually slide in to the B fold channel
2) Vertical stabilizers and tail boom kit should both slide over the spar and press up against the inside edge of the wings.
3) B-fold channel sits across the width of the fuselage base, spar slide in to the channel
4) A-fold shape is power pod (plane uses standard FT control horns and swap-able firewall)
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