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EZ Raptor Skins

Skin EZ Raptor Skins V1

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Skins & Decals (PDF, AI, SVN, etc.)
EZ 3 channel Pack powered F-22 Raptor.
Designed for 3 channel EZ Power Pack, but 2 channel pack will work too.
Plans: Here

Peel paper from the foam and use spray adhesive to secure the skin.


Coming Soon:
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First release
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Latest reviews

Great look, excellent job. With a purple glue stick was able to make the pattern sit perfectly. I see I did the same as you and put the motors on the top instead of the bottom. I have a new sheet on the CNC now cutting a fresh jet, going to get that super clean look and put the motors underneath next time around. Plus I noticed the wire holes line up better under the wing.

Keep up the great work. Thank you.
Awesome Skins, GrizWiz! They look fantastic on the EZ Raptor!
Great work! Thank you, brother!
Thank You for the awesome plans!!!