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FT Super Bee Skin

Skin FT Super Bee Skin 1

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I was inspired by the FT Super Bee and @Mid7night 's insane Angry Bee to create this skin.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 23.10.13.png

The raw Scaled Vector Graphic file is attached but with a .PDF extension so the forum will let me upload it. Just rename the file extension to be a .SVG and it will open up in Inkscape or any other SVG editor.

The PDF is set to print on an Arch D sized paper - 36" x 24" If you don't have access to a wide format printer, you can upload the file to places like Staples for their engineering printing service. It costs me about $7 for the page here in the Washington DC metro area - if it tries to charge you a crazy high price it's probably trying to print it on photo paper, which won't work for the foam board.
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