Long-Wing Sparrow

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It started as a design for B.S. Projects FF '19 cargo plane, and it ended as a plane that wouldn't die. The cargo plane didn't work too well, but it is really strong. The standard Sparrow, but with a larger wing, F pack, and increased throws. Please do me a favor, don't hand toss this unless you know how to. I overbuilt the wing, but all that is needed should be two paint sticks in the wing. Mine had a larger tail that didn't seem to help because it was very weak and had too much pitch authority. I made plans for it which are just modified from Sponz's original plans. If anything is giving you trouble just tell me. Bellow is the link to the video URL. One last thing, on 4s this plane is a little overpowered ;)

This was based off of Flite Test's Mighty Mini Twin Sparrow and Sparrow.
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