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MC Mini Sport 30"

Plane MC Mini Sport 30" v1.0

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It was definitely a more advanced build and the plans don't guide you through the process, but there is a lot of room to make this plane your own, modifying as you build.
It seems to fly reasonably stable even without rudder. The only thing I can recommend is a stronger power pod and doublers in the nose and some reinforcement where the wings mount. Something I also noticed is that there is a lot of room inside the fuselage which you might need for wiring or sensors.
My friend I'm so glad you've built & flown the plane. You bet, it might be good to make the fuse 1 foamboard layer wider on each side to make room for doublers in the nose and under the wing. I haven't tried it with more power - honestly I'm new, this is the first plane I ever flew and under those conditions it had way more power than I needed! Thanks and I'm glad you like it.