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MiniacRC Mighty Mini Focke-Wulf 190 (FREE PLANS)

Plane MiniacRC Mighty Mini Focke-Wulf 190 (FREE PLANS) 1

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Hi folks!

I've been fairly distanced from the hobby due to academic pressures for the last year. But I'm glad and thankful to be back! After many months of designing and testing, the beta team and I proudly present to you the MiniacRC Mighty Mini FW-190!


Wingspan: 24.6" , 625 mm

Motor: 2205 2300+ KV

All-up weight: 264 g , 9.3 oz

Propeller: 5x4 to 6x4, 2 or 3-blade

Dry weight: 184 g , 6.5 oz

Servos: Three to four 5-9g servos

Battery: 3S 800 to 1100 mAh

ESC: 20 to 30 amp

It requires less than 1.5 sheets of foam and a bit of posterboard, and with only 30 pieces to cut out, it'll hopefully make a decently simple scratchbuild. The build process isn't too quick since it involves lots of patient molding and careful trimming with a craft knife, so this project is ideal for those who've built and flown many other Flitetest mini swappables. A walk-through of the build process is presented below.

Because of the limited number of parts and joints, the build comes out nearly the same weight as the mini mustang despite the use of molding. With a moderately tapered airfoil, the mini 190 is pretty zippy and likes to reach escape velocity on the F-pack! My sincere thanks to the FT community and the beta builders for pushing this project to completion. If you choose to build it, we really hope that you enjoy it. Please share your work if you'd like! Lots of love.

Signing off,


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