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Plans updated 8/30/22

The classic Beechcraft Staggerwing done in the FT 'Simple' style. Box fuselage, tab and slot assembly, upper and lower wings identical except for flap control horn and strut slots. A very easy, straightforward build. Removeable wings, power pod will slide out without removing cowl. It's a gentle and predictable flier.
The plans are laid out for least seams on parts.

Length: 31"
WS: 36"
All up Weight with landing gear, flaps & paint: 858g
COG 0.25" behind leading edge of upper wing

Power: Power pack "C"
Battery: 1800 - 2300 3s
4 - sheets FB
BBQ skewers
4 - 9g servos & control horns (6 if installing flaps)
swappable series firewall

Note: Spars are B fold

IMG_3912.JPG IMG_3913.JPG IMG_3914.JPG IMG_3917.JPG IMG_3932.JPG IMG_3933.JPG IMG_3947.JPG IMG_3948.JPG 52346278413_2edffa12f8_o.jpg

More build pics to come
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Great flyer. Easy build. A step up towards master series type of planes.