Slow flyer for small area

Plane Slow flyer for small area 4

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This plane is a very easy build and will fly Super slow as is at 100%, however, I have found the more you scale it up the slower it will fly. My last build was at 160% and it was perfect. Also, anything over 115% you can use a standard swappable power pod from flitetest. The way I do it is to print out a power pod but not cut the tabs, finish the build with battery, then use the power pod to set CG. At 160% that is 5.25-5.5 inches back from the leading edge. Then when I have that I just cut the tabs and use skewers to hold it in. Makes balancing it a lot easier.
Here is a link to me messing around with it the other day.

Please post videos of your plane here so I can enjoy seeing them. thanks.

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