Sukhoi SU - 47 Berkut

Plane Sukhoi SU - 47 Berkut V1.0

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A low poly fold up SU-47 based on @Namactual 's datRhino

Tested As an F pack motor, RS2205 2300kv, 20amp esc, HQProp's Ethix S5 5 x 4 x 3 prop. 1300mah battery. Full flying canard powered by 9 gram servo, and (x4) 5 gram servos for ailerons/elevators. TVC yaw control powered by an additional 9 gram servo. AUW 660 grams.

This was designed with the intent of pursuing twin 50mm EDF power and you are welcome to try it but you may want to scale up a bit maybe 10-15% to ensure fitment as well as help with wing loading.

So far tests flights have been a bit pitch sensitive and a few unique flight characteristics but it is flyable.

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Another great design.. Thanks for sharing mayn 👍👍👍👍👍