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  1. J

    DTFB ’Cuda Wannabee

    Saw an article on the FT site where mudman59 showed his ‘Cuda Wannabee. Looked like a cool plane and relatively easy to build. Wanted to try a more symmetrical wing which I had never done before. Weather is preventing flying so plenty of time to build. Specs: 30” wingspan 2 x 9g servos for...
  2. J

    Long EZ Mighty Mini

    Inspired by the recent FT video I decided to try to make some plans for a long EZ scaled to about a 30” wingspan. Here is where I ended up. Specs: Wingspan 31.5” Length 17” 2 x 5g servos F-pack motor 3s 850 mah 7 oz w/o battery Plans: **Plans are BETA. Changes were made after building the...
  3. J

    FT style BAE Hawk / T-45 Goshawk

    Found a thread on rcgroups by eruji that I wanted to convert over and add a fold over wing for DTFB. Plans are pretty much done and the build is close so I thought I'd start this log. Target will be to use the mini-power pod with an F pack. 26" wingspan. <reserved for final pics> <reserved...
  4. J

    FT style Pitts Challenger / Christen Eagle

    Found this biplane on rcgroups by Tony65x55 and there was tons of good feedback so I decided to convert it to more FT style build techniques. The plans were also shrunk a little bit so that the entire width of one wing could fit on the 30” side of DTFB. I have a few items left like a steerable...
  5. J

    KFM4 Mini Arrow w/modified power pod

    For fun took the arrow plan but did it as a KFM4. Flew better than the original. Now just need to design a canopy up front. Also experimenting with a modified power pod with front BBQ skewers.
  6. J

    Not thrilled with the mini power pod

    Well the title says it all. Just started building the minis and even focusing on just pushers - bravo and ft22, it doesn&#8217;t seem like the skewers will line up as the plans don&#8217;t all highlight the skewer locations. I have built a large number of the full size FT plans with only a...
  7. J

    Starting out with FT mini’s

    Looking to buy some electronics to get into the mini size FT plans. I’ve been building and flying for almost three years and have built most of the single engine full size FT planes. The stable is growing as I am getting much more proficient at flying and thus crashing less. Figured I’d try...
  8. J

    Das Ugly Stick - FT Style

    Really loving the way the Simple Scout flies and looks...something about the scalloped edges. Got me thinking about taking the same basic wing, widening it to ~42" like many of the other full size FT birds and making an ugly stick. I researched on the forum and found plans for larger and...
  9. J

    FT Simple Scout - extended version

    So I built the simple scout based on plans and threw a C pack motor in it with a 1300 3S battery. Due to the heavier motor and battery I had to move the servos all the way back in the fuse with them showing on the outside of the plane. The plane still flew well but I wanted to better...
  10. J

    F pack confusion

    I was looking at the f pack on the FT store as I am thinking about building some of the minis. My confusion is that the Emax 2205 motor seems to draw a lot more than what the 12A esc included in the f pack can handle. Since this motor can handle up to 4s and some tests show 30a draw with 40 a...
  11. J

    Filken's P-38 Build Log

    I have built about 15 different FT models over the years along with various plans from MesaRC, Lockey (RCGroups) and others and was looking for something different and challenging. I had never built anything with two motors and was initially looking at the FT Bronco. There was not a lot on the...
  12. J

    Full fuse one sheet ugly stik

    Well I was inspired by ViperTech's one sheet 40" thread, built it, flew it, and wanted to make further tweaks (http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?35171-Full-fuselage-40-inch-wingspan-1-sheet-of-foam-board-OH-YES!). I recently saw another post asking for an FT designed ugly stik. The two...
  13. J


    I found a thread on rcgroups with what looked like flying saucers and knew I had to build one. Very easy conversion to DTFB. Just doubled up the front and rear. Went with a 4 servo setup but probably could have skipped the rudder servo. I am using a Turnigy d2826/6 2200kv motor with a 6x4...
  14. J

    Eleven Hobby: Good / Bad / Stay away?

    Just curious if anyone has feedback on this brand? I found them through banggood.com and they have three lower cost models: p-51, t-28, and a bearcat. They don't look as finished as some of the bigger brands but the price looks to be 75-100 dollars cheaper. Thoughts...
  15. J

    Broken motor wire

    It has been a good two year run, but swapping out this motor today and this happened. Is there anyway to fix without rewinding the motor? Turnigy d2826/6 2200kv motor.
  16. J

    Judi Sea Jet

    Found this plan on rcgroups, original designer Jurgen with revisions by Rusty-Gunn. Just loved the way it looked and all of the videos looked so cool. Took the 32" plans and shrunk them down to 90% to make things fit a little better on DTFB. Build was relatively straight forward, just had...
  17. J

    Sky Ray v4 (by Lockey)

    Found a thread on RC Groups that looked interesting and built the Sky Ray (version 4). Made it swappable, with the only challenge needing extensions for the esc to get more weight up front. Maiden was this past weekend and it flew beautifully! It is a larger plane as compared to a FT22 which...
  18. J

    KFM2 - With or without paper

    Looking for advice. I am currently building a flat wing plane based on some plans found on RC Groups. The wing has a second section on top over the first 1/3 of the wing. Would folks recommend removing the paper from the surfaces that will be in contact? As well just hot glue or spray...
  19. J

    FT Corsair

    Looking to build a corsair using FT techniques. I know FT has the mini but was wondering if anyone has scaled it up. I don't have the software to do so. I have built Filken's corsair and that flew nicely but I had problems in the way the wing joined the fuse. I also saw some plans from Alp...
  20. J

    MesaRC Wing Build - Flitetest style

    I have been building several of the MesaRC pusher jets and have found them easy to build and great to fly. As well they look great with a little paint. I have been modifying my build approach to leverage the FT style fold over wing. This has worked very well and strengthened the joint...