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  1. Mr NCT

    Plane DR1 150% 2022-02-20

    This is version 3 of scaling the FT MM DR1 to 150%. It's made for a Power Pack C and a 2200ma 3s battery. You can build it with folded wings like the Sportster or shape the wings like the master series. I used shaped aluminum tube for the cabanes so that I could conceal the servo wires from...
  2. 278944_fd5fb7cc877c781670f7b7f3b428036d.jpg


    Added a CF spar for strength, made it into a kfm2 wing, fully functional canards, and an octogonal fuse.
  3. M

    Queen Bee (150% Super Bee Build)

    Hey guys, I thought I'd I share my build experiences and plans of the "Queen Bee", a 150% scaled up version of the FT Super Bee with a lengthened wing. My goal was to trade some of the Super Bee's raw speed for a slower, but still very acrobatic, platform for aerial video and FPV. Some...