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  1. G

    Quadcopter won't lift

    Hello guys, I just bought my first quadcopter, an Eachine Falcon 180 RTF with Naze32 FC from Banggood, and I have a problem. I mounted on the props correctly and the motors are spinning but it won't lift off the ground. I tried everything but nothing seems to fix this problem and now I don't...
  2. BOT Bob

    This is my first flight! My aunt's dog joined in

  3. M

    QAV 180 What Motors?

    Im planning on building a 4S QAV 180 and was wondering what Motors would make it a very fast quad? I have built a 250 before but I'm not an expert on the motor sizes. Thanks, Tom.
  4. R

    Making a 180 size quadcopter with my CNC

    For the last couple of months i was thinking about making a 180 size quadcopter, but i had my doubts. I thought it was perhaps too small. But a couple of weeks ago i saw someone fly a 180 size quadcopter (a epiquad) and i knew i wanted to make one. See the 2 video's for the complete buildlog...
  5. dropkickjohny

    ZMR180 from FPVmodel.com

    Hello Everyone, I picked up an ARF kit of the ZMR180 from FPVmodel.com come a couple of weeks ago. Truth be told, I have no idea where the original ZMR250 orginated from or from whom. I do know the FPVmodel sells the "version 2" of the ZMR250 so I suppose they get to be the ZMR people at the...
  6. M

    Delta Ray Upgrade: Xtreme Pro 180 Brushed

    Part 1 (Background and Preparation): Motivated by the frustration that has resulted from: 1) the lack of power the Delta Ray has, and 2) the short lifespan of the stock brushed motors, I have spent countless hours researching and planning an upgrade which will be broken down into several...