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  1. Andre

    Hello Flite Fest 2016 Volunteers - Late May Update

    Good Thursday morning everyone. First order of business The Flite Fest 2016 website has been revamped. Check it out. http://flitefest.com/ Second You people are amazing! We are very quickly filling in the slots but I hope to recruit more help in the month of June. I still need a full parking...
  2. Andre

    Flite Fest 2016 Volunteers

    Good afternoon. For those who did not know I'm the 2016 Flite Fest Volunteer Manager. Yikes eh, the Canadian has taken over. Joking aside Fred is not able to attend this year (boo). I am going to do my best to keep things running smooth. Here is where we stand and how things are going. As...
  3. jpleaner

    Australian Pilots at Flitefest 2016

    Hi All, I have been trying to contact the Flitetest guys to hopefully get this question answered but to no avail so far. As an Australian RC pinot with MAAA Membership (the Aussie version of the AMA), would I be able to fly at Flitefest 2016?? Cheers Jason