2200 3s

  1. E

    Flute test power pack c battery

    So I bought a gens ace 2200 mAh 60c 3s LiPo and a flite test power pack c I’m new to the hobby and was wondering if this battery will blow out the esc due to the quarantine it would be a hassle to return the battery. Thanks
  2. orange_rc_pilot

    3D Foamie with 2200mAh 3s 30C

    I have stocked up on 2200mAh 3s 30C batteries. I was wondering if any of you know a good 3D foamie which will accept my batteries, which will ship to UK addresses. I would preferably like a KIT/ARF/PNF/BNF, but not an RTF. Also, I'd rather have something like a scale aerobatic plane, not a...