3d printable parts

  1. D

    OG A-10 with twin 70mm EDF (3d Print Mount)

    Another weekend, another build. This time we wanted an A-10, but not a prop-driven version. There are a few other EDF mounting solutions that I found, but I didn't like the scale and some were overly complex. I designed my own mount on Fusion 360, printed it on my Bambu P1S out of PETG, and...
  2. Flyingshark

    FT Tutor Main Gear Support

    Flyingshark submitted a new resource: FT Tutor Main Gear Support - 3D Printed Main Gear Support for the FT Tutor Read more about this resource...
  3. Oldbrass

    Made an FPV camera mount!

    So... Yah! I made an FPV camera mount for my planes. There are a couple of different bits to adjust the height for various aircraft. I made it in Tinkercad and printed mine in PETG on an Ender 3. I hope it's useful to some of you! Cheers! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4776937
  4. Matagami Designs

    Part P-38 Printed Parts 1.0

    STL files for various replacement pieces to fit on your master series P-38 and add more scale details.
  5. RainbowderpHG

    Does Anyone Know a Website where I Can a 3d printed Part for EDF?

    Hello, I am working on a 1/19 scale Boeing 757-222. I am Using 2 "FMS 80mm 12 Blades Ducted Fan EDF With 3270 KV2000 6S Inrunner Brushless Motor" And the engine diameter is 12cm. So Of course there's going to be a gap in between the outer shell of the engine and the edf. And I Notice Ramy RC Had...
  6. M

    3D printable stuff

    I do love the show and have bought speed build kits from the shop. But it takes time to recieve our cherished parts. So i was wondering if you could put up plans to 3D print the quadcopter hubs like the electrohub and the batbone. Its always a week or two's wait when you really want to have...