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  1. A

    Opterra with FrSky 9DX

    How about showing the Opterra with FrSky 9DX transmitter and then switch to 433mhz?
  2. S

    ImmersionRC Long Range System - In which countries it is allowed?

    Hi everybody, I would like to use the ImmersionRC LRS and recently found out that 433MHz is a restricted frequency in Germany (where I live). It took me some time to discover this information. The max power for 430-440MHz range is 10mW which is too weak for a reasonable FPV flight. Immersion...
  3. M

    2.4GHz vs. 433MHz

    Hey I am new to this Hobby, and was looking for my first (real) transmitter. After searching and looking for systems I was very confused. :confused: There are two important things to know about my attitudes on stuff like that: - never go cheap on things that can last for a long time -...