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70mm edf

  1. Tdugar

    F35 EDF Build this should be fun.

    One of my favorite jets is the F35. I've always been fascinated by that jet and the F22 Raptor also. So my plans are to incorporate a 70mm edf in to a prop and slot foam f35. This is totally out of my comfort zone but I have to try it. This is the plane I'm gonna convert...
  2. Zephyr1

    F-86 Sabre 70mm EDF

    Earlier last year I designed a 50mm F-86 Sabre that some of you are hopefully aware of (found here: F-86 50mm) and it worked really well! It was incredibly fast and maneuverable. But with the onset of the Master Series Corsair, I realized I needed to up my game. And as I was tired of the 3-4min...