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  1. D

    Smoked my 900mhz vtx I must be missing something!

    I got the hobbyking 200mW 900MHz fpv system. Seemed to work well, so I made the Clover leaf and Skew Planar antennas from David's instructions. Got one flight on that with a great improvement on picture clarity. I went to fly a few days later, and it was like the frequency had shifted. instead...
  2. F

    I think RMRC sent me the wrong RX!!!!!

    So about a week ago I bought my first fpv gear from Readymaderc. In my order was a 1.3ghz TX and RX. When my order arrived I opened the box and took everything out to look at it, everything looked right to me. a couple days later I go to run everything for the first time, and I am having trouble...