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a2212 motor

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    Help! Which FT plane do you suggest me ?

    Hey guys, I have a A2212/6t 2200 kv (51gr) cheap xxd chinese motor 30A esc 9gr servos 7/4 props, 6/4 props, 5x45 props 1600 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (100 gr) and 850 mah 3s 25c lipo battery (58 gr) Also Im just a beginner for this hobby. Looking for FT planes but I am not sure which one is good...
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    A2212 Motor Cuts off

    Hello, I have three A2212 13T 1000Kv motor, three 30 amp HW ESC and a 2,200 20C 3s Venom battery pack. The flight controller board is an arduino. For some reason, when I run the motor, it goes all the way up to 50% throttle and cuts off an re-calibrates. I know this is not a problem with the...