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  1. jmrpb

    Mig 1.44 or Rafale with two rudders? You decide!...

    Mig 1.44 or Rafale with twin rudders? - You decide!... With Functional Canards (Version 2) This is my new Mig 1.44 or Rafale with twin rudders. It has functional canards mixed with the elevator channel and four servos. The elevators and ailerons are linked together (like elevons). This...
  2. jmrpb

    Eurofighter Typhoon Aerobatic

    Eurofighter Typhoon This is my aerobatic Eurofighter Typhoon. It has a simple way of vectorial thrust, like some of other pusher planes. It’s very aerobatic with very good vertical performance and, of course, it is also very forgiven and stable if you want to. Most of the times, I catch it by...
  3. C

    FT Bloody Wonder Acrobatic Fun

    So finally in a long long stretch of crazy windy days - I got the chance to get the FT Bloody Wonder out and do some crazy fun acrobatic flying. It's not the first time I had it out but it is the first time I didn't get smacked around by the wind. This is my scratch build version - which I see...
  4. D

    RC Heli Extreme acrobatics T-Rex 600

    In this video you will be able to see some really cool and extremly high end heli acrobatics. This is a a pilot with precision. The beauty of the video it is uncut and unedited. You get it as it is. No rare cuts, or nice fixes. Hope you enjoy!!!