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    My New Website

    My new website for QuadOptic my aerial video business.
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    My New Website for QuadOptic

    My new website for my drone business QuadOptic
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    Aerial Video for Golf Course

    I took and edited this video over the past couple weeks and it is finally completed. It is my first video done for a business. The video is of my local golf course and was filmed using a Cinetank Mk2 and a Tarot 2 axis gimbal. Please enjoy the video!!
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    More Tarot Gimbal Testing and Raw Video

    I got out the other night and did some more work with the gimbal, as well as shot a quick video without it. The gimbal is a Tarot 2D gimbal, and I am flying it on a Cinetank Mk II quadcopter. Thanks for watching!
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    Learning some new tricks ---- Almost Dark - FPV

    I managed to get out flying again after a couple weeks of wind and rain. The bugs are now very bad (thus the short flight on top of the cliff), however I did manage to practice some different dives. Also some low flight in this video. Check it out. :)
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    Best Way to Film Deer - Cinetank MK2

    I had the opportunity to take some aerial video of some deer in the field. The deer didn't seem too concerned by the quadcopter itself and only walked away after a few passes. The Cinetank is flying well and seems very stable. Enjoy the video!
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    Who Wants to Do a SMALL Favor?

    So I would realllllly like to enable ads on Youtube so that I can get a little kickback when I show my flight videos to friends, family, you guys, etc. HOWEVER, you have to have 10 subscribers, of which I have not. So do me this favor. Go to my video below, check it out (my first video from...
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    Blunt Nose Versa Wing Aerial Video Compiliation - More than just your average FPV vid

    I'd like to think that this is not the typical aerial FPV video we have all come to know. In addition to flying I really enjoy the creative potential for using remote rc aerial footage to make video art. I'm just experimenting with the whole process and hope you enjoy this "testing". The...