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  1. T

    Official Alien Thread

    Thought I would start a thread for all the aliens out there. Can't seem to upload a picture of mine at the moment..but let's see what you guys got
  2. S

    Alien 5" kiss build

    Hi there new to the drone world but maybe someone could help me. I have recently built an alien 5" with kiss esc 24a a kiss fc and and x4r with sbus controller is a taranis qx7. I hooked everything up flashed escs and fc I set it all up according to video my controller works when my fc is...
  3. J

    Kiss 24A Race Edition ESC Continuity Issue. Advise needed.

    Hello I'm building my first quad (Mr Steele config) ImmersionRC Alien 5" etc. My Alien PDB has not got any continuity issues. The - to - terminals is a closed circuit and so is all the + to + terminals. The PDB - and + is open and not connected when testing continuity. All good there. The...