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  1. Matthewdupreez

    Alternatives to adams board!!

    Hi guys I live in south Africa, and I am struggling to find a foam board that will work as Adams board or readi board. Does anyone have any solutions, or alternatives that I could use? Would really appreciate some help. Sincerely, Matthew du preez
  2. S

    Electrohub Alternative

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking into building another tricopter or Y6. I wanted to use the Electrohub but it's been discontinued :cry: Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to the Electrohub? It doesn't need to have an integrated PDB. The shape and ability to the mount the...
  3. Desert.Rat

    Hydrogen-Powered Drone

    Saw this in my manufacturing.net news items: A new drone fueled entirely by clean-burning hydrogen. http://manufacturingminute.manufacturing.net/detail/videos/manufacturing-minute/video/4747451409001 Peter has come up with some great designs and they have been powered by larger and larger...
  4. P

    Alternatives Motors For Blackout Mini H Quad?

    Hello pilots, I need some help choosing some alternative motors for the Blackout Mini H Quad. The ones on the Blackout site are $43 dollars a piece! Any suggestions?
  5. knife-edge

    Cheaper Extreme Packing Tape Alternative

    So I was walking through staples the other day looking for a roll of extreme packing tape. I found it and it was 12.99. "Can't see paying that I thought to myself", so I redlaszered it and saw that the cheapest you could get it is 8.99 plus shipping online. I gave up and was about to buy the...