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  1. Archimedian

    Aluminum sheeted P51-D foamie.

    Howdy. What we are going to have here is a DTFB/purple foam/balsa composite build with full aluminum foil sheeting. Other features are aluminum tube for control surface hinges, aluminum tube suspension, and a belly exhaust vent. Wingspan: 36" Predicted weight: 400grams The wing is built on...
  2. FoamyDM

    Aluminum Former Press

    I had an idea. Mainly due to my flying Sub marine project (see Signature). And I'm wondering if anyone has every tried to make aluminum former from Aluminum cans? In this day and age you could probably 3dPrint your own press. with a removable Die sets to shape it. kind of like a button maker...
  3. ViperTech

    Experimental Reverse Staggerwing Bipe Based on the Sorceress!

    SO after seeing Lockey from RCgroups work on the Sorceress and CraftyDan taking on a Sorceress build I finally got inspired to try my hand at it. If you are not familiar with the Sorceress it is a Reno racer reverse staggerwing bipe from the 70's. There is not really any "plans" for it but with...
  4. Rames

    Natural Aluminum Finishes

    In preparation of painting my FT Sea Duck, I wanted a simple and effective way to produce a natural aluminum finish. Peter Sripol's method of sanding everything first produced excellent results; however, it is time consuming. I evaluated three enamel spray paints with and without primer. For...
  5. D

    Where to by Square Aluminum tubing for Anycopter booms?

    I've been looking for some nice booms for my anycopter. I've not been able to find a good place to buy any. I haven't even been able to find Square dowel in my local hardware stores (Columbus, Ohio). I'm not sure what to do now. I thought it would be easier to find the stuff, but so far...
  6. Jeffrey Saelee

    (BOOM!) Retired plane? What I did with mine :D

    This plane served me well, but it was time to retire it....It sat doing nothing for a couple months. Then i had the idea to do what any american kid/teen would do--Blow it up! So I brought out 4 cameras (canon T3i, panasonic HS900, kodak ZX3, keychain camera) and my sister and made some works...