1. P

    Quadri rotating to one side (yaw to left)

    I did a Scratch quadri using for emax 22812, ESCs Turnigy Multistar 15A , MultiWii MicroWii ATmega32U4 Flight Controller ( and propellers 10x45 GF...
  2. F

    KK2.1.5 board, Gyro problems???

    Hey guys! So my dad and I just built our first quadcopter (Electrohub quad kit with the KK2.1.5 board, generic HK 30a esc's NTM Prop Drive motors) and we took it for a test flight yesterday afternoon. When we tried to put a bit of power and started increasing throttle to the quad, it suddenly...
  3. Ultimate_Red

    Variable Geometry And Adaptable Multi rotor Frame

    Foreword For a few days now I have been pondering and experimenting with the principle that is the Anycopter hub; It is a Multi rotor frame that is adaptable, expandable, versatile and simple. However, if I'm honest the Anycopter frame isn't good to look at. Therefore, I planned to make a frame...
  4. S

    FT Mini Quad

    Just watched the latest episode in Argonay and I would love to see FT design a mini quad! All of their other designs have been so simple and resourceful, a "Take Anywhere" quad would perfectly round off the FT multirotor fleet!
  5. M

    HK KK 2.1.5 questions

    I'm doing my first DYI build, based on the AnyCopter, and chose (based on everyone saying it's the board to use for your first build) the HK KK 2.1.5 flight controller. I've run into two minor issues (so far): 1) The fpvcentral review of the 2.1 board says " KK now supports plugging in a...
  6. P


    I built a anycopter, tricpter, with kk2 V1.2 when I use the ruder it loses alt of it altitude! I guess I have to change the parameter on mixing chanels but I´m not confident where to fix it.
  7. J

    Anycopter 370 Quad config. Gimbal

    Hey everyone, I got a question, I've build a Anycopter 370 as a Quad config. with Park 300 1080kV Motors and a DJI NAZA M Lite w GPS on it. What do you think I can load on the Quad, is the Quad able to to lift a Gimbal (185 g) and the SJ4000 Cam (60 g)? Best reegards from Germany, Johannes
  8. 1

    Anycopter Electrohub for sale

    Brand newbie in my infancy of crashing doesn't want to crash this nice hub. I ordered a wood Anycopter hub and got a plastic Electrohub with solder points. I asked where the wood ones are and the reply was to go with this. Offers?
  9. S

    KK2 - Gain settings

    Hi- Built a quad anycopter and having a hard time with dialing in and making the quad stable. Looking for a couple different profiles, one for stable flight to shoot video and one for more fun flying. Would anyone mind sharing their PID and Stick Scaling numbers?
  10. Mastrmindz

    First Night Flying - Used an Anycopter

    So, I have clocked in less than an hour of flight time on my tricopter, and I decided to do some night flying.....(such a newb). I added some LED's to it and I had an absolute blast. Assembling the LED's was difficult. The strips I got left very little space for soldering and the wires kept...
  11. tikaro

    Anycopter is crashing really well (not being sarcastic.) Video!

    Hi, forum! Thanks to help from the folks here, I got my Rotor Bones Anycopter X quad running. I stuck a Mobius ActionCam onto it, and after two days of cursing at the camera, got it working properly by installing the new firmware (again, thanks to help in the forums.) ANYHOW, here is my very...
  12. Mastrmindz

    Need Help with Tricopter Rotorbones

    Hey everyone. It's great to be getting started on these forums. I am glad to consider myself part of the community. First off, I am a total newbie at RC. Just started building my tricopter from Flitetest back during Christmas. I have had many successes and failures, but I am loving every...
  13. RotateB4TheEnd

    My First Quadcopter Experiences

    Hey all, At the beginning of the summer, my grandpa approached me and said that he'd like me to hunt down a quadcopter for him that he could fly and use for aerial photography. This would be my first quad and his first RC project. Here is a fraction of my experience with the quad. I chose the...
  14. S

    SK3 2822-1275 Motors for Anycopter Quad?

    Hi! I'm building a quadcopter using the anycopter quad kit from Flite Test's Rotor Bones series. So far I've assembled the frame, however due to the recommended motors (Turnigy Park300) being on backorder, my order for electronics from Hobbyking has been on hold for some time and I've been...
  15. J

    Anycopter Bicopter

    Hello people, this is a nice big open question to you all, has anyone built an anycopter bicopter? if so will you post details below as i think it would be awesome *in a david voice* if not i may just build my own