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    APM 2.6 Gimbal control through board.

    Hi Guys, I have spent a lot of time trying to get the gimbal control to work via the APM2.6 and would like to share how I eventually got it working. I was using the RC channel directly from the reciever to the gimbal but the APM should support the gimbal pitch/roll natively but in the...
  2. E

    Quad or Hex

    Greetings Everyone, I'm looking for some suggestions, I really want a larger multi-rotor, but I am torn between going with a quad or a hex, I'm considering the DJI 450 and DJI 550. Is the kit with DJI motors and ESC worth it, or would I be better off getting different motors and Simon K ESC's...
  3. M

    Tricopter APM2.6 FPV AP/AF

    Hello, to assure that I am not doing any big mistakes or forgetting anything I would like to share my planned components and the way I am planning to combine those. Thanks a lot for your feedback in advance. This is my plan for building a Tricopter designed for filming and photography with the...