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  1. P

    Can Tx be hacked to connect an arduino?

    Can either Spectrum or FrSky or Turnigy based transmitters be hacked to talk to arduino based micro-controller? Is there an easier way to connect to & use just a module for this purpose?
  2. A

    Dual receivers/Redundant receiver setup for range testing.

    Hello all, This might be a dumb question but I ask about the possibility of running a dual or redundant receiver setup in a single aircraft to do some practical range tests with various receivers (specifically OrangeRx receivers... just haven't had the best of luck with them). Is it possible...
  3. N

    My First Tricopter/Multicopter Build

    Hello all, so this was my first ever experiment into the multirotor world! I chose to build a tri because I like the way they look, and their unique flying abilities! Not as robotic as a quad, and almost natural and fluid like! Inspiration was taken from rcexplorer.se, Cheers David! and the...
  4. I

    RCExplorer Tricopter - with Arduino controller

    Hey Guys - wanted to share a new project with you. I've taken my trusty Tricopter and am working on my own Arduino based controller for it. Thought I would share the development: http://www.ilovefpv.com/arduino-project-gyro-based-rc-controller
  5. voipmonkey

    My Quad Build with MultiWii Controller

    Hi Guys thought i would start a new thread for the progress of my quad build, soon after my tri build (Still tweaking this) i finally started my QuadX build. Simple 3mm Ply and 15mm x 15mm Arms. I have made this quite small as i want something to challenge me when flying. The arm lengths are all...