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  1. J

    Phoenix area?!

    Anybody in here in Phoenix, or the valley that would want to meet up and fly this up coming weekend? Say Saturday the 5th of may? I go to a local park. Pretty empty and big, and the city allows model flying.
  2. J

    Phoenix, Az Checking In

    Brand new to the hobby. I'm in West Phoenix, and willing to travel to the east side. Shocker, I know, a Phoenician willing to travel :)
  3. B

    Anyone from Arizona want to fly?

    Hi, Looking for people to fly with in the east valley area. I fly/build wings, planes, and quads. Hit me up!
  4. D

    Arizona Trip!

    Arizona Trip and Beautiful Desert! Hey guys, I don't normally post my videos on this forum, but I thought this video came out pretty nicely. I took my quad to Arizona during my vacation to see if I could find some good locations and get even better videos out of it. Turns out, Arizona is a...