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  1. M

    Mind controlled plane

    Hello, I'm finishing a project which involves gathering brainwaves with a device and then interpreting them to partially control an FT Explorer with your mind. For some other controls I used a gyroscope. My question is: Would anyone be interested in reading an article about this project?
  2. Snarls

    Having Problems Writing An Article

    I am having problems trying to write up an article and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. Everything was running smooth then my browser crashed. I restart it and the article editor says it has unsaved work it can recover. Great, but it comes up with the entire text box up...
  3. zenguerilla

    Came across this article if any interest.

  4. F

    Getting same subscription e-mail 7 times, sometimes more.

    Anyone else experiencing this? I've subscribed to Flitetest (duh) and RCExplorer and when an article gets published I receive the same e-mails over and over, alerting me to said article. In My Account - Subscriptions, I only see ways to subcribe / unsubscribe. But that could very well be...