1. FishbonesAir

    Avro Lancaster Bomber

    Okay, I'm posting this on behalf of my son, build partner, and fellow Mad Scientist. He and I are, more or less, Pinky and the Brain, in the flesh. I'm Pinky, BTW. Narf! Anyways, he asked me, to ask Flitetest, if they would do a Lancaster Bomber. The Lancaster is his favorite bomber of WWII...
  2. makersam

    Mini Lancaster build (42 inch)

    I started down this road several years ago with the general "I'll get around to it some day" attitude, but being given a busted quad and a big bag of parts at around the same time I discovered that Vincent (http://rcfbaircraft.com) had pased away was enough of an incentive to get moving. I had...
  3. S

    Avro Vulcan

    I may be late to the party here but have you guys ever designed or built an Avro Vulcan for the mini or swappables range? If you made a Vulcan the same size as the mini warbirds/ F22 I would buy one in a heartbeat. It was such a shame to see it go out of service earlier this year and it would...