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  1. Archimedian

    Balsa FT Trainer plus ram air, eliptical wing, and springs

    This plane was the second balsa airframe to carry the electronics from the FT Tiny Trainer. The goal was a comparable flight regime with landing capability. Fuse is box construction. The angled air scoop is of low efficiency, but adds structural rigidity for the castoring nosewheel which...
  2. FlyMax

    First Balsa Plan Build FlyingWing Glider CO7

    These are the dimensions of the CO7 FlyingWing glider that I used to scratch build my very first balsa plane, the plans are found here: http://www.aerodesign.de/modelle/NF/co7_hlg.htm If you have any questions about this model or want help to build one yourself, hit me up! :D The airfoil was...
  3. micro_builder

    FT Micro Cruiser - balsa edition

    Hey folks, I've been slowly getting back into the hobby, and despite still having a build log longer than my arm, I figured I should pay a little homage to FT for all the great content they've provided me. With that in mind, I offer the micro balsa version of the FT Cruiser. Wingspan 12"...
  4. Loudmouthman

    Some help for a UK Stem activity ... Parkflying Balsa chukkas

    Having at my disposal a lasercutter and 3D printer I wondered I have been searching for plans or instructables for quick to build and fly chukka gliders. Im planning an afternoon outdoor , in the UK sunshine, event for a mixed age collection of makers/builders/STEM individuals. Usually they...
  5. rockyboy

    Balsa Kit Manufacturers

    Welcome to the Balsa Kit Research Service! If you're balsa curious or want help finding a kit that inspires you to make some sawdust, just add a post to the end of this thread - I'm happy to help out and there are some very smart guys who chime in here too! To get you started, here's my...
  6. Sir Fly

    Build Log: Building My Dad's/Uncle's Guillows P40

    Introduction This thread is dedicated to the build log of my Dad's Guillows P40. This plane has a very interesting and unique history, and I have really grown quite attached to it. I am really looking forward to completing the plane and seeing it in the air, and I hope you will too! Please...
  7. agentkbl

    Bixler's Pietenpol

    Who thinks it would be awesome if Flite Test made a Pietenpol based of Josh's out of balsa, and even more importantly, made it available on the store? I think it would give more publicity to the balsa/dark side of R/C flight (or should I say flite) and it would be cool for Bixler.
  8. PlaneAddicted

    Mini Telemaster Build

    My 15 year old son has been working on a Mini Telemaster for his first balsa build. He has been doing all of the work with a little help in interpenetrating the instructions(text only, no pictures). It started out a little rough with two left fuselage sides, but after that everything has gone...
  9. Archimedian

    Alternative to DOPE on tissue/Trainer build pics

    Balsa and tissue became an obvious solution for lightness, compared to foamcore. Easy to build and assemble, so easy in fact, that i was done before i ever learned about airplane dope. I would assume that the majority of amateur builders never pick any up, and instead just do a little...
  10. CarboardKings

    Own Design Popsicle Sticks and BBQ Skewer Frame

    90mm EDF powered ice cream stick frame. Made last year. Still waiting to maiden. Had to leave it in storage before coming to Thailand.:(
  11. F

    Custom Build... Thing. Need Advice

    So in preparation for an architecture internship I resolved to learn a few new programs. Instead of practicing modeling houses which is insaely easy, I modeled this thing. I actually discovered Flite test randomly letting YouTube play in the background while I did this. Now that I put in all...
  12. jpleaner

    Re-covering a Balsa Model

    Hey Flitetesters, I have a balsa Tigermoth RC plane that I bought from a friend and have decided to turn it into a bit of a project by re-covering it. Question I have is..... Any suggestions for removing the control surfaces? The elevator is attached with piano type hinges and presumably...
  13. S

    Scratch Building FT Explorer and Bronco in Balsa

    I have been playing around with model aircraft of various types for a while and decided I wanted to build either the FT Explorer or Bronco. The catch is I am in Australia and getting stock of foam board isn't the easiest as I have come to realise after visiting a number of hobby stores and...
  14. JimHSoars

    Balsa Building Series Suggestion

    Hi guys, How about a show including applying balsa sheeting. I always shy away from building balsa wings that require balsa sheeting to make the very strong 'D' tube or other things like fuselages. Please put in a bit on how to glue balsa sheet on to both the top and bottom of a wing. I...
  15. C

    Videos on Gasers/EDF/Balsa/etc. please!

    Hello everyone/Flite Test, I've noticed that the free video content Flite Test offers is mainly [if not entirely] videos related to foamies or RC planes in general. Although I haven't ventured into flying Gasers and EDF jets [and other means of propulsion and building materials], in the future...
  16. T

    Fokker DVII Dihedral

    Hi everyone hope someone reads this,just hoping for tips, my main question is about the dihedral of a Fokker DVII 16" wing span. I'm trying to build it for indoor flight not because I'm experienced at flying but I love to build with balsa. How does the dihedral change going from free flight...
  17. L

    Balsa Build Series

    Hello all, big fan of the show and all your content. However, I have a suggestion for show content that I'd like you to consider. I completely understand the focus on foam board and BBQ skewer construction methods as it allows new hobbyist to get into the air cheaply and quickly, however for...
  18. colorex

    Balsa Funbat

    So I wanted to make a balsa version of the Funbat - because I like balsa construction, and I like making drawings, and the Funbat is such an awesome plane. Here is a slightly downscaled Funbat that I built with foam a couple of years ago. I flew it only a couple of times before...
  19. PeterGregory

    Back to Balsa Roots - Seeking out less covered designs - The Duranita

    While electric foamies from FT got me back into the hobby/sport/obsession of model building/flying in early 2014 - and how it did - I am now running parallel foam and balsa programs. I thought I would write up a build thread on this balsa model in case there is any information that is helpful...
  20. drummerguy103

    ElectroHub Quad Build - A beginners first build

    Hi All, A couple of weeks ago I started the build of my first multirotor, a quadcopter built around the FT ElectroHub. I was originally planning on a dead cat configuration but decided against to due to the extra configuration required. Specs: KK2.1.5 flight control board Turnigy Multistar...