1. dannyboy70000

    Post here your crash footage

    i want to make a landing or crash landing compilation on my you tube channel but i have very few crashes here is one of mine if you would like to could you please leave links to your crashes and your name and you tube channel if you have one so i can credit the footage to...
  2. T

    Rocket Launched Powered FPV Glider!

    Out of all the flitetest episodes I have watched I'm yet to see any rockets! They fly too so don't discriminate. To make it interesting, because to be honest once it goes Pssssffft it gets kind of dull! - Have Bixler tow it as high as he can see with something epic (Haven't seen many...
  3. James Dougal


    Right I have just really started this hobby and i see alot of creativity in the hobby already. I have a few ideas myself..... one idea i have came up with is what about a plane that can actualy shoot ... real bullets ? .. NO lol but as a kid do you remember cap guns ? like this with paper caps...