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battery health

  1. OlliePackman

    Solved Battery.

    I was simply wandering if there was any way of measuring how much power is left in your lipo battery, even if it means landing the plane to have a look. Also, what do you guys charge your batteries off. So far I have stuck to a car battery - is this the right thing?
  2. A

    Help! Multi rotor competition help

    Hello my name is Andres, I am building a quad copter that will weigh at most 5 pounds. It will need to fly a long way ( not sure but a mile? maybe more), but I am looking for efficient motors with a low amperage take so that the battery will last longer. I was planning to use a 2300Kv...
  3. mwfullen

    Flight Log for a Newbie

    This is my first post here and as it might be clear I am a complete newbie to RC planes. My friends and I stumbled a crossed Maker Hanger and decided to dive into this hobby. We have only been able to go out flying twice with very mixed results but enjoyed every bit of it form the build...