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  1. R

    Bubble, Zap, Puff, Bang and Blow. Tales of a Little More Than a Puffy Battery.

    Bubble, Zap, Puff, Bang and Blow. Your Tales of a Little More Than a Puffy Battery. Hi Joey here from R/C Engineering Magazine.Recently on our page I had asked viewers about their stories of batteries incidents ending in fire and explosion! I wasn't expecting very many responses, but boy was I...
  2. Nodd

    Scorpion Backup Guard

    The nice guys at Scorpion sent me one of these cool gizmos to review. I could have just done a boring bench test but decided a real world demonstration was more fun. Hope you like the video...
  3. R

    Battery for Turnigy 9X?

    Hey guys, I am putting together an FT Flyer, but I'm having a problem finding a battery for the Turnigy 9X I got. The AA pack that came with the TX is okay, but my TX is constantly beeping -- apparently the AAs I had weren't as fresh as I thought. I'm really hoping to find a battery I can use...
  4. ofiesens2

    Charger compatibility

    I have 2 850mAh 3 cell batteries from LazerToyz for my FT swappables. Can these be charged with any LiPo charger, or do I have to buy a specific brand? I would like to use the LiPo charger I have from my Super Cub, but I'm not sure if you can safely charge between brands.
  5. adergotardo

    Is it safe? Dead cell come back

    Hello, everyone. I got a Zippy Battery, 25c 2200mAH, 3Cell. One of the cells are vitually dead (3,69V; 4,20V and 0,26V). So I found this video (in Portuguese, because I'm a Brazilian) where a guy teach to recover a dead cell using other battery. He put those together and let the cells balance...
  6. M

    KK2's low battery alarm not working

    Hi everyone, I finely finished my tri build and have it flying reasonably well. My problem now is the low battery alarm is not working. I have it set * 138 but even when the KK2's (V 1.6 downloaded from HK web site) readout is down to 11 volts it does not beep. The speaker works OK when tested...
  7. jsut210

    80% Rule v.s. Voltage Cutoff

    I am still a bit of a newb to the hobby right now so I have came across one question regarding LiPo discharge. I have read all around that a healthy voltage to discharge a Lipo to is about 3.7v, nominal voltage (Not under load). So as a beginner, I have a battery alarm on my tricopter that...
  8. S

    Building some quadcopters, confused about motors

    Hello, i'm new to quadcopters and while i've read a lot and watched a lot of videos i don't have the experience of different combinations to get what i want first time so i was wondering if you guys could give me some advice :) I'm in my final year of electronic engineering and i'm building an...
  9. eagle4

    Balance plug savers

    I only heard about these recently. I'm really surprised these aren't more well known. Anyway I made a quick video on them. Enjoy.
  10. O

    Over-Charging Lipo Batteries

    Hey Guys! I know you're suppose to charge your Lipo batteries to no more than 4.2 V per cell (so for 3S, its 12.6 Volts), BUT is there a way to SAFELY charge a Lipo battery above this limit? Thanks!
  11. T

    What Battery/Battery Charger Should I use???

    Hi, I am 13 years old and really want to get into the hobby of flying RC planes. The plane I want is the Corsair from Hobby King (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__18035__Micro_F4U_5NL_Corsair_550mm_PNF_.html). It says I need a 4 Channel Radio and 450mAh 2S Lipoly Battery. The...
  12. 2

    Series circuit with diode?

    Hello all, forum newbie here so perhaps I should introduce myself first. My name is Paul, I Love flitetest (who doesn't) and have been into RC for some time. I now (mostly) know what I'm doing (at the expense of several planes) and like to dabble (what a strange word) in other things such as...
  13. knife-edge

    Swapable's Batteries

    I have recently decided to start building the swapables with the beef setup. I have the esc, motor, servos, and everything else but the battery. After looking at both the spitfire and baby blender build pages, I notice that the recommended battery is a 1300mah 4s, however when looking at the...
  14. R

    Motor and LiPo Hot

    Yesterday was my first successful flight. I was flying the Old Fogey. The flight only lasted about 3 minutes then the battery seem to lose power. When I took the plane into the garage I noticed the motor was pretty warm (I could still touch it) and my LiPo was pretty swollen and warm to the...
  15. mmeyer

    Various prop and battery size reccomendations

    I was wondering what some good sizes for props would be which i can use on a range of different planes. I would like to be able to swap different props in and out depending on what i want and i was wondering what some common sizes would be to purchase. I would also like to have a range of...
  16. W

    Swappabled overheating

    Swappable overheating I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with heat in the swappable power pods... I've ran into several instances recently on the FT3D puffing batteries, ect. I've done a simple fix by adding an "air intake" on the side of the fuse through the pod and that seems...
  17. E

    2 Straight up questions - What charger do you use and how do you store your batteries

    What charger do you use make and model? How do you store your batteries when charging and when not in use? :)
  18. L


    Hey Guys! I am new to flitetest forums. I just purchased a parkzone extra 300 and am in need of some help.. I am an intermediate skill pilot. On the maiden flight I dont think the battery was in the correct location for CG and the plane tipped over and took a nose dive at 20ft. I am an...
  19. G


    Hey guys, I am building my first balsa plane(photo and specs in attachement) and i am new to choosing motors,props,Esc,batteries myself as i have always bought bnf or plug and play airplanes. Could someone please help me find a good setup (electric) for this airplane ? Can be Hobbyking or...
  20. B

    How to help batteries under 0 degrees...

    Hi everyone, Does someone know what I could do to help the batteries on winter time. I want to fly but at -20 celcius it's a bit hard on the batteries... Should I make a hot sleeve or anything similar?