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  1. F

    FPV static blackout, HELP!

    Hello, I am very excited to be getting into the FPV side of the hobby. I did some research and choose the blunt nose versa for my airframe, I have a Spektrum dx6i for a transmitter, and Hobbyking's Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w/ Goggles, 5.8GHz 32ch Video TX & RX...
  2. D

    Blackout Dealer, T-Motor Seller and Hqprop propeller seller

    I have a Website to announce we specialise in the Blackout Frames we have the whole range. We also have a great range of props to sell cheap. We are the new kids on the block and we welcome you to come and see our quad and hexcopter hobbyshop with everything from frames to rapstrap. I am...
  3. Greg2B

    First time with an angled camera, Blackout Backyard Time Trials [Video]

    So I don't usually post my videos on the on the forum since I make them fairly regually and most are not that good from my perspective. But I thought this one might be a fun one to share since I tried to add a bit more fun into, sort of mimicking one of SilentGlovesFPV videos. Any thoughts or...
  4. L

    Control Boards: What control boards do you use?

    I'm new to the hobby and I've looked at the 3DR Pixhawk, kk2 and the Openpilot. The KK2 looks like a cheap easy option that I'll probably get for my first multirotor but when looking at autopilot systems I'm caught up between the OpenPiot Revolution and the Pixhawk. I want to get a Blackout H...
  5. Greg2B

    Mini H-Quad BlackOut Build Log | Greg2B

    So today I finally received my Blackout H-Quad in the mail. Yea!!!! Then I went through all of the smaller bag to check out all of the items and it was all there. I was missing my T-shirt so I'll have to contact Blackout about that. The awesomeness of having the quad blinded me to this until...
  6. P

    Alternatives Motors For Blackout Mini H Quad?

    Hello pilots, I need some help choosing some alternative motors for the Blackout Mini H Quad. The ones on the Blackout site are $43 dollars a piece! Any suggestions?