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  1. SynergyHub

    "I'd gladly pay you tomorrow for a Blimp today"

    Now that has to date me if you catch the reference. How about a "Blimp" foamie using balloons inside of it for lift. Helium of course.. but knowing Davids fondness of melting things.. he would most likely want Hydrogen. Getting the size right to lift the foam would be a difficult challenge I...
  2. G

    Quadrotor Blimp

    Hi Guys I have a project to propose to you, I found this old document from NASA on the internet which have a detailed study about heavy lifting aircrafts, which are mainly based on different type of blimps, but with 4 motors. I wonder how easy would be to build the RC version of one of this...
  3. C

    Multicopter with Aerostat

    Has anyone tried to extend the flight time of multicopters by supplementing lift with an aerostat. An aerostat is a helium or hydrogen filled blimp. It would be important that the shape is streamlined like a blimp for better wind penetration. It wouldn't be fast or aerobatic but it might extend...
  4. F

    RC blimp for Aerial Video

    Hey all, I have been asked by my church if I could do dome aerial video work for them at an up coming event. They first asked if my airplane would be able to fly in a 800 person arena. I said it could, but it would end up hitting a wall and fall onto people. I did mention to them that I have a...