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  1. H

    FT Duster First Attempt! Does This Wing Look OK?

    I started my FT Duster build yesterday and have just finished the wing. i was just wondering whether you guys think it looks OK? Thanks.
  2. H

    What FT swabable should i build first?

    Hello all, So i was contemplating building the FT speedster but have decided against it as i am not sure i like the slow flight characteristics. i basically wanted to know what you guys think would be the easiest more advance swappable? Thanks.
  3. R

    Sharpening my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    This is my FliteTest Blunt Nose Versa Wing during the first week of flying and shaking it down. I had a perfect maiden flight day. It took off an flew absolutely perfectly with no trimming required whatsoever. The beginning of this video pokes fun at how my overconfidence and carelessness led...