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  1. R

    Introduction and business question.

    Hey guys I'm Radon and I've got a question for you. I'm very new to this whole community but the more I watch various videos I can't help but notice an interesting similarity. You see my Family's place out here in Texas seems to have many of the facilities I commonly seein videos. It sits on a...
  2. C

    Tips for running a UAV business

    Because I'm aspiring to be a professional UAV builder and operator, I'm starting this thread to collect tips on running a UAV business. You can just give the most important business lessons you've learned, or I have some questions to get the ball rolling. Full disclosure, I'm writing a business...
  3. D

    Aerial Photography Rules - What's really allowed?

    Before I found Flite Test, I bought a multirotor, and then a camera and FPV gear. My intent from the start was to start a hobby business of Aerial Photography. I see it as a possible easy way to stay connected with the hobby, and earn income when I retire. I am a Scouter. A Scouter is an Adult...