1. Q

    Sport Cub S Connection Issues Not Covered By Manual

    I have owned a Sport Cub S for about 2 years now, but it has not seen a lot of flying. I went to open it to fix a prop shaft that I had bent, and in opening it, I discovered a thin, red cable that only had one connection point. Is this the antenna for controller binding? Also, whenever I try to...
  2. Robbie

    Any Infomation on Partom FPV 1.2G 1.3G 8CH 800mw

    Hey Guys, Is there any extra info on the Partom FPV 1.2G 1.3G 8CH 800mw Wireless AV Transmitter And Receiver and are there any extra cable i would need to get this working preferably with a 480TVL Sony...